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Theme Park
Experience The Thrills of The Indoor Theme Park!

A unique feature of Harbour City is the large indoor theme park, perfect for fun-filled adventures with the whole family. Experience the adrenaline rush of a 3-storey roller coaster or just enjoy a more leisurely time on the kid-friendly rides.

Retail Mall
Larger-than-life Oceanic Elements
Step into a world of marine-inspired grandeur as you shop and dine amidst magnificent life-sized replicas of exotic marine wildlife.
Navigate The Depths of Retail Excitement

Inspired by the life at sea, Harbour City Mall is designed to reflect the different levels of the ocean. Rising from the seabed to the surface, Harbour City Mall is an amusement shopping mall that will intrigue your senses.

Be Amused By A Myriad of Retail Pleasures
Stroll down enchanting avenues and revel in the splendour of underwater aisles as you shop for international brands and dine at chic gourmet outlets. At every level, Harbour City Mall is sure to leave you wanting more.
Cruise-Themed Hotel
Savour The Feel of Being Onboard A Luxury Cruise Liner

Sit back, relax and soak up the mesmerising ambience of being on a luxury cruise liner. Sumptuously equipped for absolute comfort, the suites are the epitome of casual elegance, each with a panoramic view of the Straits of Melaka.

Resort-style Suites
Sky-High Resort-Style Living

Harbour City Resort Suites is home to 580 spacious villa-themed rooms with a complete range of facilities to pamper and rejuvenate the senses.

Be Pampered By The High Life Amid Sun, Sand & Sea

Combining the seamless luxury of a world-renowned international hotel with the idyllic ambience of a beach resort, Harbour City Resort Suites offers you both for the utmost luxury and relaxation.

A Touch of Class

Bask in the ambience of pure elegance and prestige, surrounded by the indulgence of a 5-star International Hotel after a day of fun and leisure at Harbour City.

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